We believe that subjective performance measurements assist in improving the service delivery. This can be achieved using a balanced scorecard that is linked to agreed targets as detailed below:

Balanced Scorecard

This system allows our clients to measure the alignment between our operational performance and the strategic intent of their organisation.

Performance Measurement

The basis of the scorecard is to ensure that all elements of our service are reviewed. We will put in place agreed targets that are based on the above but also align with the service agreement.

As part of our QMS all performance criteria are tracked against agreed targets. Where targets are not achieved we put in place a corrective action process to ensure ongoing compliance.


Monitoring Sub-contractor Performance

In addition we have the following management system for monitoring sub-contractor performance as part of our Quality Management System;


Third Party Supplier Management

As a company which manages over 300 suppliers, we have developed robust processes that ensure supplier performance meets the service levels agreed within a contract. We use the following process flow to provide an overall service delivery:



In order to ensure compliance with existing SLA’s we monitor the suppliers through:

  • Implementing our supplier management processes and procedures that are part of our QMS
  • Auditing of the service outputs against agreed Service Levels
  • Using external benchmarking data to cross reference against service level being delivered
  • Monitoring and measuring the services using the following:

Reports – for example; tracking response times of suppliers against agreed service levels.

Supplier based self-audits; we insist that suppliers for services such as cleaning, catering and security carry out audits of their performance. We expect them to provide a measurement score of their performance against agreed service levels and to highlight service deficiencies and corrective action

Lenmac Services supplier audits; we carry out audits of our supplier’s performance against SLA’s and where they have carried out a self-audit we cross reference

Monitoring of building and equipment performance through the Building Management Systems

Monitoring specialist sub-contractor services against agreed schedules on our planned maintenance

  • Where services are not being provided to the agreed service level we put corrective action plans in place through our non-conformance process. We closely follow up on corrective actions to ensure that they have rectified the problem

Supplier non-conformances; where suppliers are not performing to the service standards we have set we will issue them with a non-conformance. The non- conformance is issued to the supplier’s senior management representative for the account. We insist that a corrective action report is returned within a specified period and is signed at Director level in the supplier

All non-conformance reports are discussed by the Lenmac Services executive management team at our management meetings. Failure to comply with a corrective action report or multiple corrective action reports may result in termination of the contract for a supplier.