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Water Leaks Cost Money

Investing in the right equipment has helped Lenmac grown from strength to strength and over the last few years, Lenmac Services is finding leaks where all our competitors are failing.

All this from structured training a vast knowledge base, Lenmac Services personnel can solve any of your water leaks.

An example of our expertise includes reducing a 0.6 litre per second leak to 0.0 litres per second.

A leak of this size would have cost 50,400 over a year if undetected.

We can also locate leaking external water mains with the use of ground mics.

Water Leak Detection

We have over 10 year experience in this area and own the latest technology in detection equipment.

Management of contractors

Lenmac  engages subcontractors for a wide range of activities, including roof maintenance; drains and sewers maintenance; ironworks, etc. All contractors are required to provide and maintain a healthy and safety work environment and are responsible for performing work to health and safety standards. Competent and highly trained and experienced staff with low staff turnover who understand and embrace the culture. Lenmac uphold a strict uniform policy whereby all staff are required to wear identifiable logo printed work wear. In total, the Lenmac Services team has 145 years of service working and with 70% of the team with over 15 years’ service.

A contractor who will continue to deliver and continually improve on an excellent service this has been proven through energy saving initiatives, standardising of parts for mechanical and plumbing systems, Lenmac Services has an excellent working relationship with staff and an impeccable record regarding safety, quality and efficiency of service.

Gas Detection Systems

Lenmac Services maintain gas proving systems, for plant areas and laboratories. Lenmac Services carry out annual testing and certification of gas detection systems.

Water treatment & DHWS storage tank sterilization

Lenmac Services carry out a comprehensive scope of works when it comes to water treatment and DHWS storage tank sterilisation. This involves a cleaning regime of tanks and services right through to test certification.

Sewage pumping station maintenance

Lenmac Services monitor pumping station and performance and manage necessary planned preventative pump maintenance and emergency repairs with a specialised contractor.

Firefighting First Aid

Lenmac Services carry out a complete package of legal requirements when it comes to fire- fighting equipment. This involves comprehensive itemised list of all equipment on site, monthly checks and annual inspections as per the Code of Practice for the Management of Fire Safety in Places of Assembly. Lenmac Services  can organise and carry out fire extinguisher training with certification from an approved body for staff on an annual basis.

Gas distribution networks

Lenmac Services have vast and extensive experience and knowledge of gas distribution of the gas networks. Lenmac Services team are GI-D certified. Lenmac Services regularly liaise with Bord Gais.

Compressed Air Systems

Lenmac Services can check the compressed air systems for improper running and dryer operations. We can carry out works on compressed air systems including compressor installations and network modifications and specialist leak survey on the compressed air systems. We also carries out testing of the safety devices on the air systems. This includes removing the safety valve from the system for testing and certification by an independent approved contractor.

 Water features – treatment units, submersible pumps etc.

Water features from an aesthetics perspective is extremely important. Lenmac Services has vast experience in the maintenance of water features. Energy saved by fitting alternative low rated pumps with no visual difference. We installed the pumps in fountains that can have a cost saving of €7,000 approximately per annum.

Storm and surface water drainage systems

Lenmac can maintain storm and surface water drainage systems. This involves monitoring of storm and surface water gullies. In the event of heavy rain, storm gullies can get blocked which in turn can cause traffic problems.

Unblocking of these gullies is carried out by the Lenmac team. A specialised suction tanker to clear surface water gullies on roadways and car parks. Associated oil interceptors on these systems can be checked annually and emptied if necessary. From time to time, our investigations have found root penetration into the surface water draining system. These are removed with the assistance of specialised rooting machinery by Lenmac Services.

Solar Heating System

Lenmac Services has experience in checks and requirements of the solar heating system. Lenmac Services carry out annual services of the systems which include glycol level checks, panel inspections and safety valve maintenance, thus reducing the need for specialist servicing.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Lenmac has experience in checks on the ground source heat pump and associated plant to ensure efficient and safe operation. These checks include the review of error reports, if any; test run of pumps; pressure checks; removal of air and glycol levels, thus reducing the need for specialist callouts.

Reporting and record keeping of all activities

Lenmac Services manages a number of subcontractors. Lenmac Services role would involve induction/authorisation/permits, supervision and recording keeping in relation to contract documents. Records are maintained in Lenmac Services offices as per ISO quality procedures.

A Client can save money through a range of initiatives –

  • Energy consumption
  • Energy saving – as an ISO 14001 accredited company, Lenmac Services strive to source the latest in environmentally friendly, energy and cost efficient materials in line with their green purchasing procedure.
  • Water savings – cistermisers, taps, shower heads, breakdown of mains network, through valving and metering.

Lenmac excellent Health and Safety record, procedures and management. Lenmac Services attained accreditation in OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety in February 2015.Lenmac Services has an extensive list of safety procedures as part of its Health and Safety Management System.

Audit of Hot Water and Gas Requirements for Various Buildings

Lenmac Services can audit the hot water production equipment relative to the building needs. This may result in downsizing certain areas of stored water which would reduce costs.

Reduce secondary DHW pumps running to busy times Morning Lunch and evening

For Gas requirements, we can carry out an audit on gas consumption for modern efficient units, comparable to existing units installed. This covers water heaters, burners, etc. We would measure consumption of gas, and cost benefit analysis of savings based on a capital investment.


Ground penetrating radar

Ground penetrating radar to locate services more accurately, this could be used for construction work and reduce the risk of damage to fibre optics.


Pulse wave generator

Lenmac Services also propose the use of pulse wave generator when locating underground pipework and water mains. The system allows for locating non-metal pipes running up to 2 metres below the surface. Technical effort can be kept low and the pipe section does not need to be shut down during the locating process. This system can be used both internal and external in buildings. Also all unknown pipes can be located quickly and realiably thereby reducing the risk of damaging pipework.


Infra-red camera

infra red cameraThis can detect over-heating of fuse boards and potential risks to the building. We can carry out completely non-intrusive tests on materials and components with the thermal imager. This allows you to visualize problems in industrial maintenance and production monitoring before a malfunction or a fire risk occurs. With the thermal imager, you are on the trail of energy loss in building thermography, helping you to save expensive heating costs.

Thermal imaging being used to detect heat build-up in a malfunctioning air conditioning unit You therefore save time, energy and money in industrial thermography as well as in building thermography, and ensure more security all-round.

Features and advantages of using thermal cameras:

Detector size: With 19,200 temperature measurement points, the measurement objects are detected in very good image quality, clearly and precisely.

The thermal imaging is ideal for a plethora of tasks including: detecting leaks, localising cold bridges, visualising overheating connections, and electrical surveying.

The images are 320 x 240 pixels and this actually improves the image quality by an entire class, so the resolution of the thermal images is four times higher.

Drain inspection

Drain Inspection We can carry our drain inspection and surveying to assess blockages and potential damages.

Lenmac have the expertise & the necessary qualifications to ensure drains and blockages are clear.

CCTV Inspection is not only for tracking down the source of a drainage fault. It can also help you to avoid problems and emergencies in the future. A CCTV survey can identify a potential issue long before it develops into something more serious.