Quality, Environmental Health and Safety Policy

At Lenmac Services, highest standards of Quality, Environmental Health and Safety & Management are integral part of our philosophy of sustainable development and we ensure that our commitment to QEHS is incorporated in all our business processes at all times.

Our QEHS principles, vision and commitment are set down in out QEHS policy, Our day to day operation and serves as a guiding principles for evaluating and improving our performance.
Lenmac are committed to achieve this policy by adhering to the following principles.

We believe our long-term success depends on our ability to continually improve our service delivery while protecting our people and the environment in which we work. We ensure availability of a safe and healthy work place, for our employees, contractors, customers and visitors for the preventions of ill-health and injuries.

We identify and manage QEHS risks prior to commencing all activities and projects and consider QEHS an integral part of all our business decisions. We intend to eliminate and prevent accidents, incidents, hazards and pollution that could cause injuries, ill health or environmental harm.

We recognize that training is a key to prevent accident and incidents, our employees receive extensive training on how to perform the job safely and in compliance with customer requirements.

All personnel are aware of their QEHS responsibilities and are accountable to fulfil their QEHS responsibilities as outlined in the organizational QEHS policy, standards and procedure. We place emphasis on carrying out our operation in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner through optimal use of resources and minimum generation of waste. Quality is non-negotiable and we ensure that each material and service we supply meets expectation and requirements of our customers, fulfill the contractual requirement and are delivered on schedule. We believe that quality is doing a job right first time.

We communicate the policy to all employees within the organization and make it available to all interested parties. We ensure that all our business activities comply with industry codes, standards and specifications, legal and other requirements.

We will ensure that all our business activities for effective implementation of our QEHS management system. We review and analyse our QEHS policy on regular basis and continuously improve the effectiveness QEHS management system for the long term sustainability of the business.


Responsibility And Accountability For The Organisations Health & Safety Policy

It is important to establish clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for individuals and teams at all levels of the organisation. Those in leadership roles have a special obligation to lead by example. They must be role models for Lenmac Services core values and must proactively communicate the importance of safety and health throughout the organisation. What leaders value and how they behave determine the safety culture. Leaders must take action to create and promote a  safe workplace. Leaders must encourage and empower workers to speak freely and offer suggestions. They can best achieve this through visible felt leadership, being active and visible in the field, interacting positively with employees to coach them and encourage good safety behaviours. Achieving our safety vision requires courageous leadership and personal commitment from everyone.


Planning And Implementation On Sites


This Health and Safety Plan covers site based activities of Lenmac Services employees during the course of their duties. It is based on the Preliminary Health and Safety Plan, Environmental Management Plans and other documentation provided.

This Health and Safety Plan is to be read in conjunction with the Lenmac Services Policy, Safety Statement, Risk Assessments and Quality Plan.

The Health and Safety Plan applies to all Lenmac Services employees working at clients sites.

This Health and Safety Plan is designed to meet the requirements of S.H.A.W.W. Act 2005 and regulations issued to date including the S.H.A.W.W. (Construction) regulations 2013, S.H.A.W.W. General Application Regulations 2007, OHSAS 18001.


Monitoring And Implement Of Workplace Incidents

Learning from the past is essential to creating a better future. It is the essence of continuous improvement.

Lenmac Services has documented a Health and Safety Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure that facilitates a consistent, company-wide approach to incident investigations. Formal investigations are led by the Health and Safety Officer who will gather details, determine root causes, conclude why controls failed, and recommend corrective actions needed to prevent a recurrence. Lessons learned from investigations are shared with other locations to improve health and safety across the company.

Lenmac Services has clear procedures for reporting incidents into the Management System database. The company cultivates an open atmosphere that encourages prompt, honest and accurate reporting of all incidents. The company has defined terminology and provides training for administrators to help ensure accurate and consistent reporting.

Corrective actions must be completed and verified before the issue is considered resolved. Controls put in place as corrective actions must be monitored to ensure effectiveness.



Continual Appraisal & Improvement

Lenmac Services assesses its health and safety performance in numerous ways to evaluate progress toward the goal of zero incidents and to establish plans for continuous improvement.

Lenmac Services maintains a central database for collecting data about all incidents. An integral part of this effort is the proper creation, use and storage of health and safety records. Continual monitoring and analysis of the data identifies trends or issues that must be addressed. The system highlights incidents to the appropriate management levels, and generates regular reports of key performance indicators.

Managers are held accountable for the health and safety performance of their groups.

Lenmac Services conducts regular audits and assessments at each location to measure the level of compliance with the Health and Safety Management System and procedures. These audits identify gaps or systemic issues, and assist sites in addressing them. Audits and assessments identify successes and best  practices that can be shared with other locations, and are a tool for  continuous improvement.

Periodically, the company reviews and updates the company’s Health and Safety policy, management system, procedures, guidelines, and processes to ensure they continue to reflect sound practices and meet the company’s high standards

Lenmac Services have retained the services of a Health and Safety consultant, Clive Kelly Limited, for ongoing site appraisal and risk assessment to continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s Health and Safety Management System.

  • Evaluating health and safety programs across the business
  • Assisting and creating an awareness to ensure the company maintain safe and healthy environment
  • Providing information on a range of topics, such as safety rules, accident reporting and record keeping
  • Providing customised training programs to support for specific operational procedures
  • Conducting on-site sessions that allow participants to learn to function safely
  • Identifying potentially dangerous environmental conditions and help control them before an accident or disaster occur
  • Advise on new safety regulations