A key contributor to best value is continuous improvement. Our approach generally is to be continuously at the forefront of best practice and to seek improvement throughout the contract period. A key component of our certification for ISO 9001, is continuous improvement.

Lenmac Services recognises that to simply meet the clients’ standards as set out in the Agreement will not be enough to achieve the long-term objectives for the contract. We will set service quality and cost targets, review and monitor these targets in real time. We will adjust our service offering to ensure we consistently achieve our targets. Once targets are at steady state we will review and set more targets in order to improve further.  This process is outlined in the process flow below:

process flow 2

Benchmarking & Market Testing As A Contributor Of Best Value

Lenmac Services views ongoing benchmarking and market testing provisions as key contributors to achieving best value for money and to achieve this, we:

  • Regularly analyse our services delivery procedures
  • Test the service cost against industry trends

Benchmarking, however, does not relate simply to pricing and commercial issues. Benchmarking is a technique that can be applied to any aspect of the service delivery and will be applied on an ongoing basis throughout the contract period so as to ensure that:

  • Services are delivered cognisant of best practice
  • Emerging trends and the application of relevant new technology is used

Our understanding of the benchmark levels of service provision in terms of cost and quality is thorough. Lenmac Services will regularly review the output and performance of our service to our clients and will have no hesitation in market testing such suppliers in the event that higher standards can be secured with no detrimental impact on the commercial aspects of the service.

Clients will continue to receive and expect from Lenmac Services:

  • meet in advance of each year to listen and discuss your expectations;
  • make sure all the right people are assigned to serve the client;
  • creatively and proactively think about how to serve the client most efficiently, effectively and provide value;
  • be up to speed on the latest technical, environmental, regulatory, industry and general sector information available;
  • develop a customised service plan based on clients’ expectations, including timing and communication preferences;
  • check-in with the client regularly to make sure we are delivering as you expect;
  • bring ideas, advice and recommendations relevant to clients’ needs and opportunities;
  • seek client feedback annually and translate it into an enhanced service approach
  • continue to develop a trusted relationship with the client that includes responsive, reliable service, easy and frequent interaction with our most experienced professionals, and a friendly, collegial attitude


We will continually seek ways to enhance our service to the client and refresh our approach. We do this monthly during our reporting. We firstly meet internally to challenge our approach and identify where things went well or not, and then we meet with management to obtain their views. This ensures that the client receives an efficient service of the highest quality.

Our customer care plan will be developed and enhanced as the contract progresses. It will begin with a specific quality plan.

Specific Quality Plan

We use our accredited Quality Management System to achieve a high degree of excellence in performing and delivering our service. Below is a graphical illustration of the various steps / stages we implement to ensure we deliver:


Client Specific Quality Plan

To ensure a best in class service a number of key elements must come together. Lenmac Services ensures that each element has equal importance to ensure quality of service is reached and maintained.

  1. Lenmac Services clearly understand the requirements of the client relating to the service. If this is not understood quality of service will not be
  2. Selecting the right staff with the right skills and experience is vital to delivering quality of service.
  3. Selecting the most appropriate procedures to deliver the required service level within the allowable budget equals Value for
  4. The skills and knowledge of the management team need to be at the highest level where they can offer strategic direction, support to Lenmac Services staff and clients, design and implement appropriate processes and procedures