At Lenmac Services, we are in a unique position as we have over thirty-seven years providing building and mechanical maintenance services. Over this period, we have proven that we are a fully flexible, resourceful and open organisation that works closely with our clients.

Because of our comprehensive understanding and knowledge of our clients’ requirements we can confidently state that we will ensure that we will provide Building and Mechanical Maintenance Services in a flexible way that will ensure maximum control for our client.

John Lenihan has the overall responsibility for ensuring that we have the correct level of resources to fully meet the changing needs.

Our philosophy is to offer a full back up resource base in cases of emergency. This is where we always have additional resources who are not dedicated to specific accounts available to provide cover for one of our site based team at short notice. For example, flooding, frost damage situations.

We have a proven track record in managing our service. With our management team we have the resources to actively manage all aspects of our service.  Using our Quality Management System, which is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 we have the systems and processes in place to ensure that our service meets the requirements of the client at all times.

Lenmac Services ensure that all our clients receive the highest level of service at the lowest cost by implementing a Client Specific Quality Plan.

  • This quality plan ensures that there is a link from the client requirements right through to the service delivery and that these requirements are confirmed and validated by the appropriate Lenmac Services staff